Custom Mat Co. Brings Over 35 Years Of Experience.

The Custom Mat Co. started its roots nearly 35 years ago, when Peter Sachs (Keenan’s Father) started a small custom auto floor mat business in Jacksonville,  FL. As time progressed, clients requested Peter to do larger logo rugs. At that time, all cutting, carving and insetting was accomplished completely by hand.
“Make the workmanship surpass the materials”


This stemmed the idea of utilizing specialized CNC routing technology to increase production capabilities and quality. In result of this decision the company expanded greatly growing into multiple, larger production facilities. Unfortunately Peter eventually closed down his studio due to significant health problems. Keenan started helping his father with various rug making tasks at the age of eight. He has always enjoyed the satisfaction of producing the finished product. After school Keenan worked primarily in the automotive industry for both BMW and Audi.
His desire however was to reopen the family business and carry on with the immense passion he had for the custom mat business. That desire is now a reality and The Custom Mat Co. is a result of this. The company’s new state of the art 5000 sq/ft facility is still located in the heart of Jacksonville FL. While the generation of ownership has changed the commitment to absolute quality hasn’t wavered. At The Custom Mat Co. providing a premium experience and product is what drives us.

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