Platinum Series Custom Logo Mats

The Platinum Series from The Custom Mat Co. is the highest quality mat we make and the highest quality mat on the market – hands-down. Our Platinum Series mats are made with 5/8”-thick, 100% nylon, 114-ounce total weight for inside rugs/mats, wall tapestries, and automotive floor mats.


This is the finest plush carpet offered in today’s market and made right here in the USA.

“Hands-down the highest quality mats in the industry.”

– P. King

When you choose from our Platinum Series, you are getting:

  • An inlaid and beveled plush nylon carpet; handcrafted to your specifications by skilled craftsmen and inlaid with beveled plush nylon carpet. No one but The Custom Mat Co. provides this – it’s what sets us apart and makes our mats truly one-of-a-kind.
  • A mat that is tailored around YOUR specifications. Choose your company’s logo, favorite sports team, car, colors – whatever! We customize every mat to the exact specifications of our customers. And, we have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee to back that up.
  • A quick and always FREE quote and proofs of your project.
  • A 100% Made in the U.S.A. product. We’ve been creating the highest-quality custom rugs for more than 35 years, and we do it in Jacksonville, FL.

Our Platinum Series bespoke floor mats are finished using thick cotton surging yarn (overlock) that wraps the edge of the carpet in a loop, creating a high-quality finished edge on the floor mats. There are a handful of people in the industry that know how to do this, and we are one of them. In fact … None of our competitors have inlaid and beveled plush nylon carpet, like we do. None.


Our Platinum Series Custom Mats are manufactured to be used anywhere! These 5/8”-thick, 100% nylon, 114-ounce total weight carpet rugs are the perfect way to promote your brand or personal style in your car, Jeep, yacht or anywhere you want a durable high-quality logo mat.

Whatever you can imagine, we can design and create.

100% Guaranteed.


With the proper file provided we NEVER charge you additionally for artwork, or setup. Contact us below for a quote and let us show you how our Platinum Series mats are superior to any other you can find online or in person.

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